What’s the Terio Dance? Who cares. The guy has three touchdowns.

Remember Tavon Austin? The St. Louis Rams’ first-round pick hasn’t done much besides drop passes and confuse the hell out of Brian Scottenheimer. Not today, though. Austin’s exposing the Colts’ Big 12 defense with two receiving touchdowns and a 98-yard punt return for a score.

Fittingly, he celebrated his 81-yarder in the third quarter with this special dance.

Here’s the touchdown itself. Austin came out from behind a bunch formation on the left side of the line. It got him into the middle of the field with hardly any coverage at all. And with his wheels, it’s impossible to catch up.

The team started rookie Joe Montana just once in ’79, but turned it over to him full-time in 1980. The 49ers would go 6-10 that year, but one year later won their first of five Super Bowls over the next fourteen seasons. Three under Walsh and two under Seifert.

Both Walsh and Seifert would lose 14-or-more games in a season, just on opposite ends of their careers.

The bad news for Gus Bradley is that Blaine Gabbert is not Aikman or Montana, and that his team was outscored in eight games what most bad teams are outscored in 16, but you really never know what you’re going Nike NFL Jerseys Supply to get. (You might even get a win just before an article about your winless team is published.)

There’s a 95-percent chance that the Jaguars and Bradley won’t win Plain Cheap Jerseys a championship in the next five years, but as Walsh and Johnson have proven maybe, just maybe… You never know.