NFL draft 2017: How the clock works

“The Cleveland Browns are on the clock.”

Once Roger Goodell utters those words, the 2017 NFL draft will officially be underway. The Browns will then have 10 minutes to decide if they want Myles Garrett or swerve everybody by selecting someone else.

Being “on the clock” means exactly what the term applies — when it’s one team’s turn to draft, it has a certain amount of time to select a player or trade away the pick. If time expires, the team doesn’t necessarily miss its draft pick, but other teams are allowed to draft ahead of it until it makes its decision.

Here’s a quick rundown of how the clock deadline works in the draft these days:

Bolles is an aggressive tackle with nimble feet and upper-tier athleticism. He dazzled at the NFL Combine, ranking among the top offensive linemen in the agility drills and rattling off a 4.9-second 40-yard dash at nearly 300 pounds. He moves well laterally, potentially better than any other prospect in 2017.

That quickness keeps speed rushers in front of him, where he engages defenders aggressively. While Cheap Jerseys Stitched he’s solid in pass protection, his aggression really surfaces in the run game, where he’ll take tacklers out of the equation entirely. Bolles uses his athletic gifts to finish blocks and frustrate NBA Jerseys Cheap defenders by bullying them all the way back to their sideline.

He’s also a dynamic force in screen passes and misdirections. He clears space well to Cheap Vikings Jerseys engage linebackers at the next level, and he rarely whiffs on blocks where he’s tracking a moving target downfield.